Happy April!  March was absolute madness and it feels like it went by in a blink of an eye. As of right now, I am siting outside at the cutest little cafe near my house; wine in hand, with the most delicious avocado toast type thing my mouth has ever tasted. It’s a little spicy, but whatever, it’s avocado. And while I’m at, doesn’t avocado toast feel like such a trend? It is a trend, lets be honest. I’m really hoping that it doesn’t let up, ‘cuz girlfriend just started loving avocado. And if it’s on it’s way out, please let the next big thing be a tomato something or another on a hearty piece of bread. Yes please.

I digress, April… it’s here! The point was this; it is finally warming up here in the city, and the fact that I am wearing a dress and eating outside is a darn miracle. Miracle I tell you!

This weather means I can finally start planning our spring, summer, and fall porch situation, and that gets me really excited. Can’t you tell?  It’s been hard to really decorate lately because Peter and I are both busy right now, and often feel like we are just two ships passing in the night. This time of year is always tough, but it is also a rewarding and joyous time. It’s where we thrive the most; working, saving, and trying to decorate our little space along the way. This weekend I have plans to clean up winter’s mess on our porch, painting our hallway, and a few other things. I’m waiting until it get’s a little warmer before I start to bring plant babies out there, but I am now hopeful it will happen within the next few weeks.

With all of that said, here are a few things I’m planning to decorate the old sewage tank called porch with this month!

1. So, I’ve always wanted this chair. But really, we have zero space for it. I’m not even sure if we could get it through our porch entry window. But if not, I’m totally okay with bringing it though the back. Alternatively, I would settle on this one, but where would I hang it?

2. We have a similar table we purchased from Ikea. Even though I like it, it just isn’t the right size. I’d love this one, this one, or even this one.

3. We try really hard to purchase most of our plants from our local gardener, who I just adore. But because of this weird weather, he hasn’t opened quite yet. We will be ordering the first batch from here until he does.

4. We have this fab habitat rug, and we love it. We also have one in the dining nook as well. It is super easy to care for and the patterns just pop.

5. Do you feel as if outdoor pillows can sometimes be completely cheesy? I do. It can be tricky, I suggest just staying away from nautical, unless you’re on the beach. I love how this one looks like a funky indoor pillow.

I really hope that this April is good to you, happy decorating!

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