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I’ve had a hard time lately deciding if and when I should bring small toys in our home for Oak. He’s still so young, but the little things like a rattle, a high contrast book, or simple play gym are of importance for the first few months… if you ask anybody. 😉 We live in a relatively small space, and toys that accommodate our shared room situation, and also our aesthetic (because realistically, any and all toys will be thrown about once used). So, when it comes to things of that nature, we think small, cute, wood (seriously wood is so good for your kiddos, plus it’s absolutely nice to look at), and of true function for each stage of life. Brimful is one of few shops that I feel I can look to for things of that nature. Everything in their shop is absolutely adorable, affordable, and functional.  I have my eye on a few things for Oak for the near future, and maybe there is a tiny woven basket waiting to be filled with some of this adorableness, this is all speculation of course.

My favorite piece we have from the lovely ladies of Brimful in our home is Oak’s pacifier clip. I’m just thinking of the days of drool in the near-ish future, and how it will just roll down the pacifier on to the floor, and I won’t have to deal with all the ick.  Coming in at a close second is this rattle. It has to be River’s favorite as well. During our morning floor sessions, there has been many tushy shakes and “lets gooo fly a kite!” with a very Mary Poppins esque voice by our big girl for her little brother, with that rattle in hand.

Here are a my curated favorites. 
One-This book| Two- this clip ( we have and we love)| Three- this print| Four- this camera| Five-  this pull toy 
This post was in partnership with Brimful, a small business with two awesome mamas/owners who’s vision I truly believe in. 

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  • Reply Christine Munroe August 26, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Are the wooden pieces heavy?
    i bought a few toys for my toddler and when she throws them its scary! lol
    i love the pacifier clip but a little worried that baby might hurt herself with it.
    what are your thoughts?

  • Reply LaTonya Yvette August 26, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Christine, they are not heavy at all, which was a little surprising!
    I hope this helps


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