A Trend To Try:Short| Shorts

Last summer was the summer I really fell in love with high waisted cut off shorts. The previous summer, I fell deep for high waisted pants. For some strange reason high waisted- wide legged pants felt more comfortable and airy for the heat than bare legs. This summer, I plan on mixing my previous summer obsessions.

I love the way a pair of high waisted shorts makes any body look relatively tight and fit. I’m thinking it’s great for the post labor summer I’m having. I plan on pairing my shorts with a variety of tops.  A button up is a cool look, and a crazy printed top is a  fun and festive look. If you’re going for the festive look, try layering accessories. For the button up look, try a bare face, bright lip, and full lashes. I’m waiting a few more weeks to get back into mine, but I’m quite excited to wear them again.

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