River: During the early morning hours, right before the sun comes up, I receive a little tap on my nose or on my shoulder by a kitty holding 3 year old. I use my forearm and left hand to lift my body up and out of her way, and she routinely jumps in between Peter and I. We both lay down and she wraps her right arm around my neck and sweetly declares that I am a “good mom mama.” She has done this for the past few days, and each day I reminded that she is amazing! She loves me and everyone who meets her, and sees no faults. How did I get so lucky?
Baby Boy: Admittedly, last week and the earlier part of this week, your looming arrival has had us all a bit anxious and impatient. We have turned our impatience into activities, and I have learned to love you in there just a bit longer and spend time as a family of three just a bit longer. All is good, and that makes us so happy. 
Photos taken with my iPhone 

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