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A few days ago, I somehow found myself fighting off the heaviness of my eyes, and the weight of my arm as a tired toddler also found herself dosing off into an alternate happy state. I, fightiting my sleep as I normally do with a list of things that just need to be done before I could rest, started to dream as I often do. Dreaming about things that shouldn’t be just a dream. Things that make me ooze with joy in a moments thought, and things that make the planner in me want to jump up from below that white down comforter and get to actually going and planning. Dreaming is good, but making it happen is where I’m at.

Very well then. 

Up until recently money seemed like something we needed to live a more fulfilled life. Money was what we needed to move to a better home, to put our child through ridiculously overpriced New York City pre-schools, to have another baby, and to just live more. Yeah, live more. With the money came the ever so true slogan “More money more problems.” Yes, money came, and yes it did and does solve quite a lot of issues; but money isn’t the answer. With money more questions started to arise. Is money or a certain amount of money ever enough? I am not a millionaire by any means, but I will answer that question as accurately as I personally feel I can. Money, it’s this thing that goes in and out, around and back again. It’s there for us now, and I won’t hold on to my panties and say it’ll be there in the future, I can only hope. But, from the ups and downs we’ve personally had with this monetary figure I can only simply answer no. Money isn’t enough. When the money arrives so do more issues. The world expects you to live at a different standard. Cost of living rises, and despite any form of simple living, here in New York, you make more you give more… back to the government. So there’s that.

When will we travel? When will explorations and discoveries outside of this frighteningly cold winter city and sticky and humid summer city happen? Well, whenever we make it happen. Money is a factor, but it isn’t the deciding factor you see. There will always be a bill to pay, an extra hundred to save, a specialist that requires an out-of-pocket payment, and new shoes to be bought. But traveling, picking up, going, and exploring while our littles are still little… that time is particularly short.

Six months pregnant and wanting to go.
Wanting to experience. 

What is life without experience? Why are we really here if we aren’t grabbing all the opportunities? Not just the creative and work related opportunities that make us feel like we are becoming bigger and better people, but the true and deep ones. Experiences where we explore. Experiences that not only create memories, but add to our wholeness and creation as people. With more miles under our tippy toes and more picturesque sites in our lasting memory. That’s what I want.

With two kids in tow and a husband who is just as willing to experience and travel, this will be our new life. One with ease, experience, and travel. It sounds ridiculous, but to us it’s so real and attainable. No more dreaming. Travel. Experience.

Here’s a fantastic post about how to have a great life. She touches on investing on good things and experiences at the end

Photography by Belle for Old, New and the wee one too

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  • Reply Jhan March 9, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    This is such a relevant post. As a young married woman, I often blame money (or lack there of) for our reasons to not have a lot of things I would like to have… including starting a family. It's good to remember that with or without money, we are still able to experience life. Live it up, Latonya! and enjoy your travels. 🙂

  • Reply LaTonya Yvette March 17, 2014 at 5:06 am

    Thank you so much Jhan!

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