A mini Bedroom Tour

We have been living here for almost a year, and up until recently I haven’t felt comfortable enough with sharing our home on the blog. I am constantly changing things, moving things, purchasing new things, and purging old things. Hence, the time to snap a few shots and say “this is it!” never felt completely right. I realized after one big room change to prepare for baby boy, things will constantly continue to change, and I love that about our home and about our lives. In just a few short months, our bedroom, our quiet space will be a space for some laughs, sleepy times, and sweetness of a newborn. A small corner just to call his own. I am so excited to add to this room bit by bit in the next few weeks. I can say now more than ever, this room feels right. The air is clear, it’s bright, it’s cheery, it’s comforting, just like our lives in this small space.
 Thank you guys for letting me share our most intimate space with you all. 

Our room is a collection of tiny things that individually mean so much to Peter and I. For example, the Medicine Wheel that hangs above my late grandmother’s old record player. Peter’s dad made the Medicine Wheel by hand, and the story behind it is profound.

The pictures that lay on the dresser also mean a lot to us both. One is of me, when I was pregnant with River and the other is a collection of DIY envelopes Peter’s sister made for our wedding invitations. 
One of our selling points in considering to rent our apartment or not was the shelving in our room. We don’t have much closet space, but the shelving swooned me right on in, and made me forget about what we were lacking. 
We live in what was the basement of an old converted mansion built in 1833 and every time I think about possibly moving on one day, the history of this place and the amazing area we live in will keep me here for a long time. 

This photo was taken before we purchased our new plant (pictured below).

Our room is the “simple room” in our home. It lacks color and lots of unnecessary furniture. It’s where we both find peace. It’s where we struggle to get out of bed with the sun hitting us directly in the eye early in the morning. It’s open enough for River to bring her toys in and just play, but cozy enough for us to spend hours on hours cuddled underneath each other as the day passes on by us. 
Our bedroom also leads out to our personal little porch. In Brooklyn, we call any type of personal outdoor space gold, and really, I kind of feel like it is. This spring we plan on planting, building, and creating a beautiful oasis back there, I can’t wait. 
Sources: Bed-Ikea| Area Rug- Home Depot| Middle Dresser- Vintage| Two side Dressers- Ikea| Orange High Stool Chair- Thrifted| Throw Blanket- Interwoven| Picnic Basket on Dresser- My Grandmother’s| Record Player- My Grandmother’s| Medicine Wheel- Made by Peter’s Dad| Bedding- Ikea| “Only Love”- Etsy purchase for our wedding reception| Lamp- Thrifted. 

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  • Reply Mollie February 18, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Love it so much. I am in awe of how you have exercised so much control but in doing so, you have created a really tranquil and serene space. Thank you for sharing. I always love seeing beautiful photos of people's homes and work spaces.

  • Reply TOI February 18, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    This is very nice tour, details that make a place feel home, thanks for sharing

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