The Matte Lip| Without Purchasing the Matte Lip

When I was growing up, as a brown girl with orange-y skin and full lips, I never thought I would wear a dark lip. Better yet, lipstick as a whole. It seemed like something that would draw too much attention to my face, but not in a good way. In my young mind I somehow made myself think that girls with full lips needed to stick to neutrals. But just like girls with small lips, darks, brights, and neutrals can all be worn by a girl of color; it’s just about finding the perfect shade. Lately, as I test the waters with various colors, I have also realized the way a shade looks on me is based on it’s texture as well. I could easily get away with a bright pink lip in a shine. With darks on my lips it’s another story. When I wear a dark lip it has to be a matte dark lip. A matte dark lip blends well with my coloring, my cheekbones, and eyes.

Since I’ve already taken up the task of purchasing various dark lips-not in a matte (oy), I really needed to learn how to create a look with what I’ve got. Truth is, Mac lipstick is expensive, and no one should throw away perfectly good and barely used lipstick because it isn’t matte. But what does one do in such a predicament? You create your own matte at home of course. 

My friend Tia, who somehow I’m sure was a makeup guru in her past life shared these tips that I would just love to share with you all.

What you need:
Matching eye shadow or translucent finishing powder

How you apply:
1. Fill your lips with your desired lip shade
2. Dab your finger in the eye shadow that matches your lip shade
3. Apply the eye shadow to your lips by simply dabbing along
4. If you are using translucent powder you can apply it with a brush
5. After applying your matte lip take your index finger and lay it between your lips. Close your mouth on your finger and then pull your finger out. If you see lipstick on your finger you just saved yourself a lipstick on the teeth moment today. Good you checked. 

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