Style Gift Guide|| Christmas

I’ve been hesitant (eh hem.. down right reluctant) to do a full gift guide that includes various things, not just clothing. Mostly because I was afraid my husband would see it, and buy what he deems coolest, and what I probably like the least. So now that we only have EIGHT days left until Christmas and I have committed to only doing a style gift guide, the time seems right!

My holiday gift guide includes things that I need, and things that I want some kind of terrible. Also, things that I know would be such an extravagant gift that I would never maybe one day buy myself, just not right now. I feel as though, being a woman and a mama now, I find it hard to actually commit to things. Before River, I was pretty trigger happy. Everything I would put on my list, I would usually end up purchasing for myself well before Christmas; just in case my family didn’t follow my list.  Not at all a control freak. 😉 So for me, a style gift guide at this point in my life means so much more. Chances are I’ve been drooling at the item for months, maybe even a year, and I don’t see myself working the nerve to purchase it on my own.

one: a comfy and chic plaid dress- Hatch Collection | two: a chic and fun checked coat- Zara | three: over the top/will take your breath away blue suede boot- Laurence Dacade | four: everyday vintage camera bag- Ionni | five: panama hat- Urban Outfitters
What’s on your Christmas style gift guide?! 

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