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This week has been a celebratory one, but not without it’s fair share of ups and downs. I have spent many of my nights working until the wee hours, and days are spent running around, and other parts of the days are spent looking into River’s eyes and having moments. Moments, her and I only share, moments that seem to slip away too soon. I want to grab those moments and tuck them away somewhere dear; a tiny little diary that I use to jot down her silly phrases or what she notices about my face or smile in that moment seems to be perfect. 

I’ve been working on making my time and my moments with her clear, without fuss, and worldly drama. Just her and I. It’s hard at times, but it’s what’s best. Even if it means this little blog builds cobwebs in-between.
This week I am full-on inspired. From the men that go from subway car to subway car robustly singing Sam Cooke at just the right moment, to the woman who reads her book so intensely at the cafe on the corner, and the men at the corner store who carry a smile day after day despite their 13 + hour work days.
I hope your week is going well.

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