Happy November!

Today just solidified that it is in fact November. This weekend, Peter, amidst my “are you crazy wearing that?!” wore a t-shirt throughout our explorations. River, wore a sweater, and reminded me many times that it was abnormally warm by ripping off said sweater. Eventually I gave in and we ditched the sweaters and my complaints and off we went to do some more exploring.

I constantly find it funny that no matter how many times we have walked the same street, sat on the same stoop, or we have eaten a slice of pizza from the same place, each weekend feels different. Every activity feels new and unfounded.

Back to food; I don’t eat beef or pork, but Peter ordered this cuban sloppy joe during our outing and I might have second guessed my 10 year ban on beef and pork. It smelled delicious and as he bit into it, not coming up for air I kind of sat there in awe. A little sauce would drip on his finger and without hesitation my very mannered husband would just go for it… giving his finger a good lickin’. I guess it was finger lickin’ good!

Happy November to you!

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