Over The weekend

This weekend was one in which the house stayed tidied and our minds were more on outdoors than in.

On Saturday morning as Peter slowly did his routine of preparing breakfast and brewing me a cup of fresh coffee to wake me fully out of my slumber I sat with River. We sat in her room, me half asleep, her wide awake. There’s no “waking period” for her. She awakes and she’s already at 100%. I, her very sleep deprived mother, needs an aid of coffee and maybe a quiet 30 minutes. My quiet 30 minutes were spent staring at her build and imagine. It wasn’t quiet from the outside of course. Crashing of colorful blocks, books and toys falling from the table onto her green steel chair. Creating and object for my ears to focus on. But in reality, all I did was see, not hear. I saw my little girl, totally oblivious to my presence. Pretending, and using what is rightfully her’s-her toys and mind to create beautiful things. I began to lay on her floor… still waiting for my coffee. It was okay, that Saturday morning was sure to be a slow and blissful one. Before I realized it, River had laid beside me. Our focus drifting into her twinkle lights hanging from one corner of her room to the next. Her big room light in the distance. She exclaimed we were looking at stars. At 9am we were looking at stars and it was wonderful.

That Saturday afternoon our local park was outfitted with a loot of pumpkins, games, and even a horse drawn carriage around the park. We moseyed around from station to station, craft to craft, laughing and smiling and taking plenty of pictures until our cameras said they were full. River nervously stared at the scary looking kids, dressed in their best wolves and goblins. We wanted to stay, but our hunger ran us out. We ended up at a local diner, where we sat outside and let the chill of the Brooklyn air lightly touch our noses and graze our hands. We were cozy with love and layers and the world was just fine.

Our “princess” for the day demanded a nap. Not with her words, but well… with other things. And all three of us snuggled up and cozied up in our full size bed for a few hours.

Saturday, saturday was perfect. More weekends like that please.

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