On the first day of fall….

 the earth gave to me:

Crisp air, falling leaves, hot coffee, snuggling under our white down comforter hiding from the chilly winds that seep through our single bedroom window. Footsie pajamas for River, cozy slippers for Peter, and Peter’s socks for me. 
Fall, with the changing air, I know that all our green will be gone in just a few weeks, I can’t help but have a spring-like mentality with it’s arrival. I feel there’s something blooming in my house, in my family in our hearts. Something so deep, so rooted, and so beyond my comprehension. Maybe it’s a deep understanding of change, change in it’s rarest form. A way I’ve never seen change before.

On Sunday, good friends, laughs, a bike ride, and the Botanical Gardens was on the agenda. There was and is a looming sense of optimism, purity, and again… change in the air. And oh, how it feels so darn good.
This fall I feel it, I do. 2013 hasn’t ben the year we expected it to be, but oh, what was good was really good. I’ve met really good people, I’ve built genuine friendships. And found a deep sense of self that I never thought I was capable of.
The girls ran, we laughed, and the men…they did what men do. Corral and looked absolutely cute whistle doing so. In this city, without a doubt it can feel cramped. And since we are in Brooklyn, and Central Park isn’t really our closest playground, I sometimes feel we don’t have enough open space to roam and play. But we do! We have our Bontanical Gardens. A beautiful, breathtaking place full of wonderment. The smell of fresh cut grass, the sight of what was left of the flowers, and the feeling of the sun beaming on our face as our spines shivered from the wind’s chill. 
That Sunday the Botanicals was our backyard. And the best darn backyard a city girl could ask for. 

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  • Reply Kristianna September 24, 2013 at 1:47 am

    What photos! I really like the one of the fountain, though, of course your family is so photogenic, too. It really looks like fall in those, like *snap* the seasons changed.

    My girl and I went to the farmers market for our first fall weekend morning, just the two of us.

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