Street Style

On what was a sucky day after a failed mail attempt, Camilla’s Aussie accent and orange hair brightened my day. 
And thank you to her sweet friend for keeping River entertained. Some people just amaze me and are naturals with kiddos. 

Camilla Brown everyone. 

I feel like I have unloaded a bunch of new things on you guys lately. Actually I don’t feel like it, I have. Thank you all for rolling with it and being so supportive.

Everyday I am inspired by people I see on the street. As a stylist I notice the tiniest things; from someone’s hair color to their nail polish. I see beauty in it all. And what an amazing thing it is that New York has an abundance of beautiful, talented, and stylish people. I love this about New York. 

This new series is really close to my heart. It is not only making me grow some serious nerve (going up to people and asking to take their picture is scary!), but it is also letting me evolve my passion more and more. These people who let me capture them behind my lens, and you readers who let me show you with such eagerness and excitement make me so happy. Thank you!

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