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Hey guys! It’s August! I am halfway excited, halfway sad about this. That means we only have another month of local beach activity. But, this also means before I know it, I’ll get to wear a cute blazer and a chunky scarf. I love me a chunky scarf y’all!

I do this whole “living in the now” thing, but I can also foresee that August is going to be an abnormally busy month. I go through these creative phases where I am not busy at all, and the whoop… it’s crazy. That time is creeping up. I can feel it in my bones. And well, I can see it in my calendar  It’s all a good busy though, the best kind!

 August might be my favorite month as far as work goes this summer. I JUST accepted an offer to be a Babble style blogger, and Belle and I are cooking up something spectacular that will debut in Fall/Winter. I am so excited not only for myself and my family, but for you guys too! Your emails letting me know that you’ve been reading, you’ve been touched in some way, or you have been inspired has got me all types of giddy for you. I love reading your comments (even though I can not reply directly for some reason), and I love that you all are so supportive. I want more for all of us. Does that make sense?

Anyway, if you’re interested in joining our growing community of creatives, moms, small businesses  and just lovely people I would love to have you! Just visit my sponsor page or shoot me an email.


And if you haven’t yet, please go say hi to our lovely sponsors. They are all so kind and talented.:)

It’s a nice place over here, I think you’ll like it!


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