Apartment Inspiration

This kitchen is so lovely. I like how everything is a bit old, messy, and rustic. It looks lived in. If there’s anything I love most about a home it’s that. 
Lately, I have been dreaming hard about my apartment and it’s possibilities. I know I can and want to do so much more, and some of it I am shy to pull the trigger on. A lot of it has to do with me wanting and needing to save money. There has been times in the past when I did what I wanted with our apartments with no care for cost. This time around, with higher rent, and with the idea that we will stay here for a really long time, I put much more thought in it. Any purchase I make usually is thought out to the T. In some ways I like this, and in others I do not. This means that sometimes I will sit in a store and look at something for huge chunks of time, thinking and thinking, sending text messages to friends for approval, and thinking again. Others, I just go for it, then I over think that  maybe that specific purchase wasn’t a good idea to begin with. I’ll move things around to accomadate, and then I’ll move it again, and then finally I’ll be happy… for the time being. 
I have been inspired by Pinterest, and by seeing apartments of friends, or simply walking down my block and seeing what I can see of our neighbor’s apartment (creeper, I know). My love for styling crosses over into my home. I dream of plants in every window, with rustic canisters and vintage knick knacks. I have guilt about not spending nearly enough time on our back porch, not putting enough love into it, not designing it. I say that’s for next spring, but the itch to make it a tiny Brooklyn jungle before the snow touches the ground is still there. Truth is, despite my itch, there just isn’t enough time for it right now. I still have a lot of home projects I want to start and finish; like painting my dining room chairs, blowing up a few vintage photos, and some other secret/fun projects. They all excite me and I am committed to sketching out time for them. In the mean time, I have a date with our local farmers market for more hanging plants, and maybe, I will buy a few extra for our porch.. maybe. And if all else fails, I can continue to revel in the absolute glory of my new pillow covers I received from Interwoven! They make me instantly happy, and they’re just so darn beautiful.

And…what I am Babbling about this week:

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