…a new week

Otis Redding blares from the stereo. I wipe the sleepiness out of my eyes, and prepare our silent sub-level Brooklyn apartment in my usual way. I smile as I pull the curtains up, letting in the bright sun. I fondly think of my grandmother, and how there should be plants inside of our window bars. Plants that greet me in the morning, plants that I can tend to with eagerness and love, plants that I know she would love. 
I continue pacing the house floors, feeling the cold air seep through my red painted toes. It feels good, especially with last night’s humidity. The aroma of blueberry scones fill our “closet” kitchen, and slowly lingers into the bedrooms. I most certainly know that this will wake River and Peter more than the sound of my raspy morning voice. 
I greet the day with much excitement, hope, and admittedly-fear. I want so bad for it to be better than the last week. Tantrums and tears filled our days. Errands, more errands, let downs, and sadness. It simply sucked. It was just one of “those” weeks. I can attribute all that craziness to Peter’s work load, my work load, growing pains for River, and a due date. Yes a due date. It’s coming. 
But, here we are! Yesterday, yesterday was so good! I felt it in my soul, in the deepness of my being. It laid a glorious path that I will always remember. It was the start of a journey that I feel was made to be mine. I felt so overwhelmed with love, excitement, and fear that I cried. Feeling that a moment and path is right for you is wonderful. 
I am reminded that when those tough weeks do occur, there are always better weeks in store. Waiting for me to take them on with a smile and some Otis. Otis is oh so good to me. When River is throwing a ridiculous tantrum on the subway platform that can make a brown girl blush in shame, I am reminded in the power of good people. People who embrace me, and wipe away my shameful tears without knowing. Lending a helping hand. Or explaining their own two year old’s trials, even though said two year old is absent. The power in people. 
Welcome new week, welcome happiness, welcome sun. 

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