and photos that speak nothing of a subway. 😉

So I sit here on my “off day” of  intermittent fasting, with my feet firmly laying on our coffee table. I wiggle a bit to get comfortable, in hopes of letting the thoughts flow out. I make sure not to kick over my Mike’s Hard lemonade-that would suck big time. I stop in my thought process to worry about my leg. The right one. The one that aches so. The days The week’s events have had it’s toll on it. Walking miles upon miles through the foggy, sweaty, and steamy city streets. These legs, with only 24 years of use, they’ve done a lot of walking. They are often the base of how I go up and down the subway steps with River; bags, stroller and all.

We’ve become some sort of subway chasers lately. The legs that throb so ridiculously at night, run full force to subways with excitement and hope for a new adventure. I started silently calling us subway rats. Then I remembered, subway rats actually do exist! haha  Hmm, so what shall I call us now?

I’m sure by now we have permanently etched our name in the stairs that lead to the uptown C, or the ones that lead to the downtown 4, but probably a bit deeper in the ones that lead to the Queens bound G-oh, how you call for us way too often Williamsburg.

I like that R and I, we know our way around the subways. It sounds silly, but they’ve been good to us. Leading us to places of peace, but most importantly places of adventure and bonding. We’ve created lasting memories in the subway. Maybe we’ve built friendships with the subway rats by now too? Never. 

So much happens on the grimy, filthy, platform- all so beautiful.

We make friends on the platform, we learn on the subway. We rush to the seat right below the map. River takes her time to point and yell out “BROOKLYN!!”  I take my time to laugh hysterically as if it is the first time she’s said it. I am quite enthused with this girl, this city, our subway. The way it helps me raise her. Raise her in the best way I know how; with new friends on the platform, sounds of dirt, rushes of air, bellowing horns, colorful seats, maps of our city-everywhere.

Forever etched in the soles of my feet and the concrete stairs that lead us to beyond:
“She came, she explored, she subway’d” 😉

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