Potty training-more progress

Let me upgrade ya!

That’s what River would like to say to everyone and everything… if she knew the phrase. So here I am.

RM’izzle has been doing her thing. And please forgive me as I am feeling especially Hip Hop after my Hot97 stint (Peter recorded it. He and River made a few pop-ins. It’s kinda cute!)

Our sista friend has been doing great with the potty thing. And yes, great is the easiest sum-up of progress, it’s 1am. Forgive me. 

So far it has been a week exploring and experiencing our city without our little comfort zone, a pull-up. We have done our due diligence and experienced our fair share of public restrooms. Thank goodness for hand sanitizers and constant communication. “That’s dirty dirty!” goes a long way.

The other day after a successful potty week, we had a golden afternoon. We received her portable potty, and that felt like a big stamp of approval. We have finally made it! Yes, we. I think I deserve a glass of wine, maybe two when this is all over. But when will it be? From what I hear potty training is never really over until they are much older. Is this so? Please say it ain’t so! I digress, the golden afternoon I speak of is when we finally received her portable potty. It is a tiny thing of magnificence and wonder.

With a ring, two legs, and a plastic bag with an absorbable pad inside, our shameful meet-ups with public restrooms has had it’s demise. River is still trying to get used to sitting on it, but soon enough I know she’ll be a pro and ace it like she’s been doing everything else. It might even be enjoyable for her too. I have plans to whip that thing out at parks, street corners, beaches, and other sanitary-mostly discrete places. Don’t worry, no restaurants. 

I think potty training; going to the bathroom on her own terms in particular, has done something amazing for River’s confidence. Nevermind that she comes charging at me with descriptive bowel movement details, her confidence shines in her everyday.

 I can see and feel her freedom.

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