July 4th

How was your 4th?! Did you get all sloppy drunk, or enjoy it with some special people? I’m with the latter. The day was magical, as always in New York. Most holidays in the city are magical… to me at least! 😉 
We started off our morning trying to figure out what to do. I find it particularly funny how we spend the whole morning doing so instead of just commiting. You know, this is it, we will sweat, we will be gross, but this is it. Nope. One day, when I am old and weary, and can no longer make decisions for myself, I will think fondly on the days-the mornings, where we went back and forth over coffee. Isn’t it amazing to think about stuff like that? How you’ll bicker and complain, and converse with your partner when you are wrinkly and fierce (i hope)? 
Oh, how I could day dream and ramble about being old with Peter. I look forward to it. 
Now, back to more important national news. The fourth! Warm, heat induced moodiness, and fireworks. It is grand! (one point for sarcasm) We had lunch with a rather cranky River. I shall not tell a lie, River is going through. And that means the rest of us are also. We are on the last leg of her two year old molars. Amen! I just want to cuddle and kiss on her, but if you have a two year old girl you might know how that goes. Nah uh. No cuddles, no hugs, so outside we go. 
After a particularly festive lunch at our favorite local spot, we headed home in hopes for naps. That didn’t happen. So out we went again. This time to see fireworks at Coney Island. We met up with my sister and nephew, aka our partners in crime. We love them an insane amount. The kids dug up the nice warm sand, as us adults talked and enjoyed the breeze of the ocean, and some music blaring from hundreds of feet away. The fireworks at Coney are quite brief, but all the hoopla surrounding it is really what drags onlookers there year after year. Mostly everyone is a few drinks over the limit (thank goodness for public transportation), and laughing so hysterically, you jump in fear and excitement all at once. It’s a a scene worth watching (also equally happy that I am no longer a part of that “scene”).
The day all in all was how most of our days are lately, fun and happy. In less national news, but of importance, River is feeling much better! Yay! Now, I can have my happy baby back. Also, there is always an also, I am itching to change this blog. In a big way. Have any suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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