birthday weekend!

^^ So this is made out of plastic water bottles!! Amazing! ^^
Over the weekend we celebrated my birthday! My actual birthday was Monday, but Peter had a job “on hold” so we decided to celebrate on Sunday (the job was never confirmed, and we celebrated  again on Monday. MOMA in the morning, Chipotle for lunch, a shopping trip at Antropologie, and a night out with some of my best girls, the best). 
I really wanted to check out Fete Paradiso; a vintage Parisian carnival that is taking place on Governors Island. You can only actually ride the rides on the weekends, so Sunday we went. We rode the ferry over, which is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. 
When we first arrived, we hit up a picnic-style food truck set up they had going on. I had the best bbq chicken and spicy rice. It was reminiscent of a family barbecue. Very low key, not at all high maintenance, just what our gross sweaty selves needed. 😉
We gulped and gulped plenty of water, while trying to dodge the sun (impossible, who knew?!). 
I laughed hysterically watching people pedal their way around the merry go ’round. From the sidelines I heard people talking about how much of a work out it was. Good I skipped that one. 😉 My heart particually just about burst watching River in that old orange VW with the other kiddos. This picture does it no justice! My girl was smiling from ear to ear with her head and hand peaking out the window, screaming “HI MOMMY!!” every time she passed me by. 

Upon leaving, I stopped to leave a little note in one of the many pockets that were up. I dug through a few, and wow some of them just struck home. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful birthday weekend with my loves.

24, you might scare the crap out of me at times, but so far, so far… I like you.

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