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Last Saturday, we woke up bright early, put on some Sam Cooke, and prepared ourselves for a day of filming. 

A few months prior I received an email from Chris explaining his new documentary titled “American Blogger.” With pregnancy, a toddler, and taking off to a L.A for work, I glazed over my email and left no true response. After a few weeks of pregnancy complications, mine and Casey’s friendship grew tremendously, and I leaned on her particularly heavy. Not only for her friendship, but for her prayers. We bonded in a way I never wanted to bond with anyone, but now, months later, I am so grateful for her friendship. Who knew great loss would also bring great love?

After the storm had passed, I re-read Chris’ email and excitedly responded yes!

Chris is traveling around the United States in his airstream for about two months interviewing bloggers. In his journey he is digging deep, going beyond the screen to find out who we are, what inspires us and beyond. He is so fantastically talented, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I feel totally unworthy to be a part of this project. Blogging has been amazing for me. A place where I share my good and bad times, where I grow as a person, wife, mama, and as a friend. I feel more and more honored to be among these other beautiful women. Sharing my family in these bits and pieces, has built lasting friendship, and I am sure Peter found a great friend in Chris as I have in Casey.

Chris pulled into Jersey on Friday night and parked his airstream there, away from the city grime and ticket-happy meter police. I mean, there is no parking here!
 He wanted to follow us along what would be a regular day for us. That meant morning dancing, some reading, our flea market (which included his first tasting of a doughnut from Dough), and the splash pad at the park. It was so much fun and we were sad to see him go!

When the film is done it will be available for purchase on iTunes. But, if you’re like me and want to follow along right now, there is always Casey’s blog and Chris’ instagram (@chriswiegand).
As I sit here, I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have received. The ones that have been there to pick me up and push me, even when I didn’t want to be pushed and loved. I come here to share, and continually leave with more, if not with projects, it’s with your love and my peace. Thank you for reading friends.

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