A tiny weekend project

To say it simply this home has been a great healer. A magical, perfectly timed, loving healer. It’s baffling to think how crazy and oddly things are timed in our life. In a moment of pain or chaos we don’t usually get the advantage of understanding timing. But after the storms have passed, wow, is it great to look back and see. 
This weekend’s project was rather easy, but also rather lovely. I am obsessed with gold, and with finding great gems for discount or free. So of course I was double happy. 

I am guessing our neighbors used this in their yard some way. It was pretty rusted, so outdoor wear was obvious. A couple of bucks bought me a can of gold spray paint. After finishing up my new to me plant stand I extended the gold love to my garbage can ( I know, crazy! But, so cute!) , and a vintage hat stand. I really do love sharing these tiny home projects with you all. Hope ya like it!

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