What mama Wears

Mama is wearing: Peter’s sweater ;), Les Halles jeans, vintage shoes, H&M bag and H&M necklace

All hail the husband’s sweater. That sweater that sits so nicely in his bottom drawer waiting to be worn. The sweater that was a gift about two years ago from yours truly, and the sweater that was only worn by the mister a handful of times.

Yes, that sweater.

That sweater is the sweater that has been getting me through this awkward weight and seasonal transition. Some days are warm, some are rainy, some are chilly and when there was a day with a little bit of both this sweater saw me through. It’s comfy, it hides all the unwanted nooks and crannies and it’s black. Voila!

Do you have a piece of your partner’s that you constantly steal?

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