The farmers market on a chilly saturday

the golden delicious apple was amazing!

How is it Friday? I mean, I know how, but woah it flew by fast!
We are gearing up for a beautiful hot weekend full of parties and sprinklers. I love when the sprinklers finally come on in New York City parks. It’s like the official sign of summer. 
Well, last weekend it looked like summer was far far away. It was cold, wet, and rainy. We actually had to wear jackets out. Despite all that nastiness we still headed to our local farmers market. It happens every Saturday, and we enjoy going as a little family. We usually just stock up on fruits and flowers. We also snack on some of THE best donuts while we are roaming around. It’s a tiny farmers market, but it’s super close, and everyone is always friendly and helpful. 
More and more I am realizing that the tiny things like a farmers market, bike path, and a coffee shop around the corner is what makes me really love our new place.
Have a great weekend!

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