’round & ’round the carrousel we go

Some days are just perfect. Not everything goes smoothly but everything gets done and with a smile too. That was Saturday for us. The weather decided to be extra friendly (thank you), and what did seem like a day full of chores only turned into a morning full. After chores, and with no nap in sight we hopped on the train and headed to Dumbo. It was a quick train ride, 10 minutes to be exact, and once again I found myself being so thankful for our apartment. Everything from here seems so easy, cleaning is no longer a “job”, and adventures are even closer than what we ever anticipated.

Our afternoon in Dumbo called for a few trips on the carrousel. We went around and around and each time as our horse went up and down I would hear a heavy breath from River. Without looking I knew accompaning that heavy breath was the largest smile. Each time as our horse passed the carrousel conductor she would smile and wave. Each time the carrousel would pass an eager Peter with a camera in hand and the largest smile… she would wave. And each time, River would act as if it was the first time she went around the carrousel that afternoon, and the first time that she ever did see her daddy or the carousel employee. A true testament to child wonderment if you ask me.

We exited the carrousel and asked River if she wanted to ride again but with daddy instead, and she declined with a smile. She was happy and so were we. After a few grass chases and boat spotting we once again hopped on the train; this time heading home to our not so new apartment still ready to greet a few more adventures.

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