May Day

On the first day of May River Mae and I started a new tradition. We (I!) decided to ring in every  new season with a trip to Central Park. Snow, rain, or shine… we will be in Central Park celebrating. Granted, our new tradition started off quite late, but I am still excited to continue it. 
We woke up bright and early to a weather man reporting a sunny day in the 70’s. We hopped on the subway packed with serious rush hour faces and headed to meet some friends on the upper east side. Two of the sweetest mamas and babies greeted us and forewarned us that it was going to be a dirty day. And oh it was! The littles made friends with a few other toddlers and they all playfully shared some digging tools and dirt.:) 
It was a simple day but it was glorious, and did a number on River too. She came home with dirt in her diaper, a serious tan, and had a long subway ride nap back home to Brooklyn. 
We are excited to continue this simple tradition and hang out with some new amazing friends. 

Thanks Lindsey, Stella, Nicole, and Lucas for the fun! 

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