A tiny weekend project

This weekend was yet another dreary one. And really I feel like a party pooper just to bring up this nasty weather again. But it’s nasty. Moving on shall we?

I haven’t been on Instagram for long, but like many of you I love it! Besides this blog and my company’s Facebook page it’s the only social media I’ve got. Many days I forget to take our good camera out and my iPhone and Instagram have been great! I wanted to have some of my favorite Instagram photos to look at in the future so printing them was a good option. I started looking around for inspiration and found Printsagram. Through Printsagram I clicked a few of my favorites and they were sent to the printer immediately. After just a few days my mini prints arrived. So simple and so easy.  
The wall over our dinning room table was still empty (like many of the walls in our apartment) so I thought the prints would be the right fit. Here are a few steps for a quick and fun rainy day project using printed Instagram pictures. 
1) Head over to your favorite Instagram printing service
2) Choose your photos! In my case that was 48 mini prints for $12. This step was particularly hard. I love so many of the pictures I’ve taken of River. If it was up to me each and every mini print would be of her. (Lets be honest, most are)

3) Plan. I went throughout our apartment figuring out what would be the best location for the photos. Once I settled on that location I decided what I wanted the prints to spell out.
4) After you’ve planned, arrange. I arranged and rearranged the prints on the table before committing. 
5) With an extra set of eyes I taped the photos on the wall. Since I am horrible in “eyeing” things, I recruited the husband to help. 
And you are finished. 

I do have to say, that since we also moved our table over I am still getting used to it all. I like it a lot, but I am a bit neuritic when it comes to our home. So do not be surprised if it gets changed around or completely removed sooner rather than later. 
And if you ever come over for a meal you’ll know what to do at our dining room table right?! 

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