A few things

Having a sick kiddo can be good and bad at times. Mostly bad. But the good parts are the sweetest good parts I tell you. You get all the good things you miss when they get older.  Here’s a little list for you: you get cuddled on all day long..so good..really good, she will mostly be quiet throughout the day, and when she does feel better she’ll be all teeth and gums. Also, projects for mama! It’s pretty surprising how much I can fit in on one sick day. Don’t get me wrong, I want her to feel better, and feel better fast. But we are making do with the sucky hand. And she’s really darn cute, so I can get over any sick booger-ness on that face.
Secondly, have you been eyeing the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest? I have, and I already have a few favorites. I love getting inspired by small apartments. Despite our two bedrooms it’s a tight fit. It’s a city thing. I wouldn’t change it for the world though. 
Lastly, there are so many good things about warm weather in New York City. Despite some rough days, warm weather in the city gets me pepped right up. It might be the feeling of my ice coffee dripping on my fingers, or the smell of our neighbors grill going late at night, or the feeling when you have a day date with your sister for no reason at all. New York City you are darling. 

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