A few things

Hey guys, here are just a few things.

1. So every morning River wakes up requesting music. And every morning her dancing moves do not disappoint! I mean, she is the tiniest two plus year old and she can shake it like no other.

2. The weather is so beautiful here in New York! I was walking down our street today and at one moment I wanted to dance under the falling blossoms that blanket our block.

3. Peter and I are going to be all date-y again. This is something I am really looking forward to. I was watching one of my guilty pleasure reality shows and as I was crying (yes, crying!) during one episode   I started missing our dates like crazy. It gives me something to look forward to all week. That man makes me me such a little girl; butterflies and everything.

4. Bugaboo released the video documenting the Andy Warhol & Bugaboo launch party. So much fun! You’ll catch a glimpse of River drawing on the wall I was telling you all about.

5. My girls at Small Fry also released the video we took on The High Line.  I miss that day like crazy. Maybe I can sneak in a trip to Utah soon. 😉 (Jenner did amazing!!)

6. Any cures out there for sweaty hands? My hands get super sweaty and clammy, and yes, it’s the grossest but I need help.

7. I have some great styling jobs for kids in the works and also looking at working with some other companies. I am so excited!

Now the videos!

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