A few things

1. There is something about watching River play in the sun with flushed cheeks and wide eyes that makes me also feel like a child. A child in the best way possible.

2. I am planning a trip to visit my good fried Drea and her sweet Marlowe. New York has been having these rainy and chilly days, and then some are so full and sunny. It’ll be nice to get some real constant sun in Florida with good friends. I can’t wait!

3. The apartment is coming together. Finally. Everything is officially unpacked and right now I am just working on adding to it. If I didn’t say it before, we purged pretty drastically before moving and now it’s all about digging for new vintage treasures. My thrifting trips have been pretty constant lately and it fills this part of me like no other. I do have to say I have been very selective with this new place, so most days I do not bring anything home. Nothing like a good ol’ pop in. 😉

4. I am in talks with a pre-school co op for River to attend in September. Even though I am pretty excited I am also nervous. She is still my baby!

5. My Mother’s Day gift arrived today! It was a little patio table and two chairs from Ikea that I wanted. Yippie. Peter is actually cooking dinner as I blog (double yippie) and we are planning on dinner in the back. Summer nights here we come!

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