The Now

Earth Day came and went and thank goodness we celebrated during the weekend at our favorite local outdoor restaurant, Habana Outpost  (balloons, arts & crafts etc) . It finally opened for the warmer weather and it’s such a big deal in our little hood. Despite spending the actual earth day indoors (it was cold), River had spent the previous day mostly outside with Peter. They rode bikes around the big park and River played a good game of monsters with a couple of five year olds.

When I was looking over these photos a hint of jealousy ran over my body. I am usually the one watching her chase, play and imagine. But as quickly as the jealousy came, it left. If there is anything I’ve learned in the past couple of days and weeks it is learning to live in the now. My time with River in our backyard and in our house has been magnificent and invalauable. In our home I have watched her grow. She is much more eager to use her imagination and I do love watching her in motion. Her “babies” get fed play food, story time happens over and over (and wow, I love reading to her-even if it is about 12 times a day ;)) and the pages of her coloring books are filled with tiny little artist work. There has been this incredible shift with her. She will play independently letting her imagination take her to wild places. Sometimes her independent play lasts for minutes, sometimes for hours. How could being home more often inspire such an amazing change?  I don’t know, but it’s beautiful to watch.

I have pushed that mom guilt aside and fallen in love with my now concept. River Mae doesn’t feel that she is lacking, that sweet two year old of mine is so happy living in the now. A new empty page of her coloring book is a new exploration. Her toys greeting her in the morning for a round of tea is always new to her. And tomorrow, when daddy is home to take her out, or when the babysitter arrives, or when friends come over for a play date she will again be living in the now, and once again-like everyday up until that day,  her heart will be full of happiness and her mind full of wonderment.
Thank you my sweet girl for teaching me.

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