Next time I’ll take the taxi home

Hi friends! So I know that taking a taxi all the way from LAX to JFK is totally impossible but if I could I would. 🙂 We just got back home from what had to be the suckiest of flights. Apparently, New York City did not want to be pretty upon our arrival home and had a not so perfect storm. That storm had our plane traveling all the way south then north before landing in New York. That added an extra hour or so on our flight. When the weather still did not cooperate we were left in a holding position for 30 minutes about 10 minutes away from JFK. Have you ever been in a holding position in horrible weather?! Not fun. The plane went up and down while circling around and around, and even though River Mae was the perfect angel baby and slept the entire time, the baby in my belly wasn’t too happy. After having a few false alarms and dizzy spells, and lets admit a couple of tears, my lunch ended up in a bag as other Delta passengers looked on. Thank goodness for that amazing man of mine who took care of me without getting the least bit grossed out. I’d like to say my unfriendly dramatic stomach got us on the ground quickly; soon after a few passengers started to make a hoopla out of the pregnant mama with a sleeping toddler getting quite sickly. After that incident we quickly started to land and nauseous Nancy was back to somewhat normal. (Thanks everyone for your help! 🙂 )

Now we are home, snuggled on the couch, eating Chinese and already missing L.A a bit and that convertible (oh, husband). I am already feeling so much better and I can’t wait to share more of our business trip/mini vacation with you all!

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