Los Angeles- Part 1

 We spent a total of three days and four nights in L.A. It was a quick business trip but we made the best of it. It actually turned out to a much needed vacation. We spent our days riding around in a convertible with the roof down listening to Cali music. How cheesy of us. But it was perfect in every way it could be.  We spent the first night watching the sunset and eating take out with the beach breeze on our face- right on the deck of our ocean view apartment. We spent the next couple of days exploring Venice, Santa Monica and relaxing in Hermosa (where our hotel was located).

It’s been extremely hard for us to get away with moving, working and the usual life stuff. Freelancing has many benefits, but knowing how much work to take on has been tough for us. So when I was invited to Los Angeles for a quick work trip (literally only three hours of work!) it seemed like the perfect time for me to ask Peter to drop his work and come along.

 I am so happy he did.

In the short time there we both fell for that sunny and friendly place, but we are happy to be back to our loud hustling and bustling city.

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