Easter in Brooklyn

Our Easter Sunday was perfect in every way it could possibly be. The weather wasn’t as warm as we would like, but it gave River yet another chance to wear her “water boots” and that always means we get a lot of smiles that day.

We started the day off with an early afternoon picnic in a Williamsburg park. It has become a yearly ritual with my beautiful friend Dorothy and her family and friends. She is always so fun and gracious at planning the whole thing. The kiddos searched for colored eggs in the grassy woodland behind the dog run and it was quite the time. We finished our morning events with brunch at Urban Rustic with a bunch of rowdy littles. It was a funny scene full of love and laughter.

After that, we headed home for naps and snacks. Once it was time to wake up we all walked to church. It was a great service, and the potluck following wasn’t too shabby. 😉 Okay, okay, we probably ate more than our fair share.

I hope you had a great Easter if you celebrated. And if you did, please link with love if you blogged, as I love reading how others celebrate.

Happy week friends!

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