Sling Diaries{Changing Seasons}-Beauty

Well friends, we have come to the end of our journey with the Sakura Bloom sling diaries. It has been truly an amazing experience and I will always be thankful for this opportunity.

Baby wearing River has been beautiful. At almost 26 months we have both enjoyed it immensely.

As we walked through Fort Greene Park and explored, it was all very bittersweet. As I held my big girl on my hip, as she described the dogs, rocks, and sticks along our path we knew this was it. The last day I would baby wear her. In the past weeks River has taken to walking, running and all things that encompasses a full blown toddler. As much as she yearned to be on my chest, close to my heart during our daily explorations… she no longer does. As much as I’ve resisted her eagerness, I have finally realized it is time.

Through it all I am thankful. For two plus years I wore my sweet baby. Through the subways, through the parks, even through our humble Brooklyn home…we were attached. I am also thankful to River for allowing me this little break. As she yearns for more independence, my body yearns to do it’s job. Every minute, every hour of the day, my body is nurturing a new life for the second time around. I find peace in knowing that River listened to her body and mine.

So today as I wrapped all three of my slings up and stored them nicely in a bin playfully called “bebe numero dos”, I saw the beauty much more clearly than I have ever witnessed. In six short months the slings will be brought back out to develop a new relationship, with a new soul. And for two or so more years (or as long as he/she allows) I will baby wear in my Sakura Bloom slings once again.

The way events fall into place so timely, so quietly, so beautifully is astonishing.

I am wearing a Sakura Bloom sling in Amber.
You can catch up to the rest of my posts on their Pinterest page.
Thank you again Sakura Bloom for letting me be a part of this project!

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