Preparing for Spring: Urban Baby Bonnets(UB2)

We are really excited about Spring over here. Okay, possibly a little crazy excited. We want to give a big “see you like…never!” to winter. One day we have a high of 50 degrees then the next there is a snow/rain mix in the forecast. So to help lift our springy spirits our friends at Urban Baby Bonnets sent River Mae two of the cutest bonnets!

As most of you know from reading this blog, we are big vintage lovers over here, but even larger vintage hat lovers. Well, every summer I try to buy River at least one vintage bonnet. And every year it’s a total fail. Needless to say toddlers look good in a lot of vintage pieces…but bonnets do-not-have-a-chance. Urban Baby Bonnets to the rescue. I fell in love with their clean, funky and fun designs; I feel that totally describes River’s spring style too.

The large foldable brim? Perfection. River is probably one of the few baby’s I’ve seen who despises sunlight. It’s pretty ridiculous but oh so true. Every and anytime there is just a bit of sun in her face, instead of closing her eyes she’ll throw her hands over her head (in the most dramatic way possible), and yell NO LIGHT, MY EYES! No exaggeration necessary.

I can do without hearing that this spring too. 😉

Ahh, thank you Urban Baby Bonnets (UB2) for making this whole Spring waiting game a little easier.

Thank you guys for reading this post and supporting this independent and creative sponsor.


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