Over the weekend

This is our weekend in photos. Minus the not so glamorous Ikea trip on Saturday. How we manage to stay married after each visit is beyond me. 😉

I officially started to pack up our apartment this weekend. Actually, we officially started to pack up our apartment this weekend. As much as being pregnant and moving might not be ideal, that excuse kicks Peter’s packing into high gear. haha

I have succumbed to the mess that is our apartment lately. I would love to say it was a packing mess, but that would be a lie. The dishes are done, the floor is picked up, but other than that nothing has been touched around here. The thought of cleaning just to make a mess again with all of the packing doesn’t sound too appealing. Let’s see how long I can withstand a good vacuum though. This carpet looks horrid.

When I am not gloating about my lack of cleaning habits lately, I find myself in aching laughter with River Mae and having actual lady day dates! Throughout this moving process River has been a rockstar. A goofy, sweet, dancing machine rockstar. As a reward, Peter took her on a quick little bike ride (she begs for bike rides daily) around the neighborhood and they had a pit stop at a new found park.  As my reward for staying sane throughout this process I went on a day date with one of my best girlfriends. We roamed Williamsburg and vented over coffee, tea and muffins. It was one of those rare weekends where I felt I had a good balance of just about everything.

What did you all do for your weekend? Any flea market finds, or great day dates?

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