Bugaboo Bee- Bee in the city launch

I have yet another secret to spill, and believe me this one was so so so hard to keep! Last summer we were approached by Bugaboo to represent the U.S as their modern urban family in a new campaign! Of course we jumped all over it. Since then, Bugaboo has been working on this awesome platform where Bugaboo Bee owners can share and connect their daily life with their Bee through social media. I use instagram as my social media platform, and all of my photos on instagram head straight over to the beeinthecity website. It’s a great way to see how others get around and have fun and look stylish along the way.

Okay, more about the video already. Bugaboo followed around our little family for two days as we did what we normally do; explore New York City. It was so surreal and fun to have cameras follow us around all day long (Peter shot and edit the video. He had an assistant during shooting, and there was  one final edit done by the Bugaboo team. That man of mine is talented). We love our Bugaboo Bee. It’s bright, fun, lightweight, and super easy to take up and down stairs and subways. River has the longest stroller naps in it and it’s super easy to maneuver around all the sidewalk trash and grime that comes with the city. The stroller just fits into our go-go-go lifestyle.

(if you are wondering, we plan on keeping our Bugaboo Bee when baby #2 arrives. For the first months I will baby wear and River will still be in the stroller. After that she’ll be three and ride on the attached buggy board and the baby stays in the stroller facing me- so no plans for a double)

Yesterday, in honor of the video’s release the gracious people at Bugaboo hosted a launch party in one of the cutest stores in Tribeca- Babesta. I’ve had my days after class secretly roaming in Babesta sans River Mae.  The launch party was so much fun! There were sweet treats, a map of some of my favorite places to visit in the city, and everyone got to see our video for the first time-even us! Peter and I agreed that River for sure thought the launch party was just her party alone. It was funny slash diva-ish I tell you. She walked around the store like she owned it, and every single Bugaboo Bee was hers. She’s two going on twenty. I also got to meet some of my blog readers in person and see familiar faces.

We are so excited and happy about how the video turned out. I can’t believe it’s real! yikes. Anyway if you head over to beeinthecity.bugaboo.com you will find our video along with the Tokyo video and the Berlin video. You can also find the video on Youtube.

Thanks for watching and following along!


Update: The video is back up!!!!

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