Baby, Baby, Baby:THANK YOU!!!

Wow, I am overwhelmed with joy by all of your sweet comments, emails, and instagram comments! Peter and I sat together and read every single one and want to just give one big huge thank you. It all means so much to us! We feel absolutely blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support. 
If you are wondering about River; so far she is quite excited!  I know it’s pretty early- and in many, many ways she still doesn’t comprehend the dynamic shift that will come in six short months, but she has already given us plenty of hope. We took her to our second sonogram to break the news to her, and automatically after seeing what could be her little brother or sister on the big screen she immediately took to the idea. Peter explained slowly and sweetly how mommy had a baby in her belly. When the baby’s arrival nears we will start to explain a “big sister role” more. 
We see examples of her excitement everyday. If we run into anyone on the street that is familiar in some way, River will lovingly blurt out that mommy has a baby in her tummy. Sometimes while I am laying down, or playing with her, she will acknowledge the baby and rub my belly and say “hi baby!” We are so encouraged by her nurturing spirit. 
The baby is set to arrive in early September, but we are hoping he or she isn’t as stubborn as their older sister. 
We also plan on doing a Maternity series on this blog. It will follow mine and the babies growth week by week. Here are some that I was inspired by: James, Drea and Pacing the Panic Room. Also, now that I am getting out of the throngs of morning sickness and all that nasty stuff I will be going back to regular posting. 
I love you all, and thank you again. 

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