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It’s been a little quiet on this blog lately. I’ve been wanting and meaning to write, but that move of ours got the better of me. For a few days I found myself quite miserly, and couldn’t find the time and peace between the chaos to sit and write.

Good news is; we have finally moved! It happened over the weekend, and goodness, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Our place still looks like we just moved in, and truthfully I am not eager to unpack.

It’s even weird to type that.

I am usually the one who has pictures hung, boxes unloaded and a few loads of laundry already in by the third day. Something has changed. Funny thing is, I no longer have anxiety about completing these tasks as I once would have. I am okay with doing little by little with Peter’s help, and when River is sound asleep. We spent so many days cooped up indoors purging and packing, that staying indoors to unpack right away just isn’t in the cards for me. For once, I am okay with pacing myself.

Between answering emails and watching River create some serious art on the Home Depot boxes that fill our apartment, we have been taking long walks around the neighborhood. Not so much exploring, but roaming, and finding ourselves deeply in awe of how content we all are. I think it’s quite rare with a growing family, budding careers  and moving, for both partners to feel whole at the same-exact-time. But we are. Despite my incessant hormone induced mood swings, itchy skin, River’s toddler sass, and Peter’s very annoying cold, we are all quite content. I feel incredibly grateful.

I hope you all are having an amazing week!


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