Sling Diaries{Changing Seasons}:Tradition

All in all we are a pretty untraditional family. We keep some… okay a tiny bit of family traditions, but not many. We tend to follow our own beat of the drum. Baby, then know. 
One of the few traditions we do keep, is cuddle reading. We all look forward to this part of the day. 
Stories for nap and bedtime are always a given each and every day. It’s now our own little household tradition. River likes to cuddle up under my arm as if she’s still the tiniest thing. She lays her head on my heart and I’m almost certain the sound of my heartbeat is what she finds comfort in. Sometimes she smiles, others she’s pretty straight faced. Always trying to fight off the heaviness of her eyes as my eyes scroll every page and softly read every word. The slower I go, the more relaxed and baby-like she becomes. She sinks more and more into my arms and her eyes are almost always closed within minutes. 
It feels good that despite our untraditional family concept we keep the tradition of cuddle reading. And I feel honored that our little tradition makes her heart happy, her spirit calm, and her body comforted. 
I am wearing a Sakura Bloom sling in Simple Linen. Canyon color.
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