Over the weekend

If writer’s block was required to pop up in a little bubble above whatever victim’s head it decided to claim I think it would look a lot like someone staring blankly at their computer. Or, a favorite of mine; someone slouching over, bitting his/her nails to the grit and smacking their forehead religiously until something would finally spit out.

My writing routine which consists of my comfy couch, the couch arm that has a permanent stain from all of my coffee and computer days, and my favorite pillow, awaits me as they are that routine. Every night when the babe is well off into her zzz’s I claim that exact spot to tend to this blog.  As I nestle my butt in what seems to be a fit-for-me seat my mind starts to wonder about all the things life has brought to our table in these past weeks. Writing seems like a thing of the past and the “things” just take over. Granted, they are some really good things, and some “grown up” things like searching for pre-schools in New York City for River (oy vey). When the not so good things decide to pop up (like taxes for a freelancing family, moving in the spring/summer, and colds-lots of them) nothing seems to get much easier. In that moment that nagging writer’s block wins.

So here I am, usually worn down to the bone, staring at my computer, and wanting and practically begging for my brain to be kind to me. Because oh, how I need it so. And until it is nice enough to actually let me form grown up sentences, this blog has been quiet.

When Nemo came this weekend I expected myself to be enraptured by the snow and find my spirit longing to head to central park with River Mae and Peter with a homemade sled and camera in hand (per usual). Instead, Nemo was good to me in a way weather has never been before. It gave me a few days to be lazy. A much needed kind of lazy.

After this weekend I feel my mind no longer hates dislikes me..and well that’s always good. Right?

And as I’m sure the good things will be here to stay, and the not so good things will tend to pop up every now and again, I finally 100% feel like LaTonya again.

I guess I have Nemo and it’s required three day weekend to thank for that.

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