Moving on, moving out and changes

I often speak about change on this blog because at 23, I am always changing.  I know it might get annoying to some, but that’s the sole purpose of this blog. I’m documenting my life, my daughter’s and my husband’s as we grow… as we change. A couple of years from now, it will be beyond gratifying reading over the old ramblings of yours truly.

So, here we go. Off to bigger and better things. We are moving. Officially moving. We’ve said it before again and again, but this time it’s for real. We always expected our move out date to be on our own terms, but this time it wasn’t. My landlords have decided to re-rent. Re-rent at a much higher rate to new eager tenants. We are all okay with that. Did we expect it? No. Do we like it? Yes. This circumstance has given us a push we very much needed. As cliche as it might sound; it was time for us to finally catch a dream that seemed to be just that… until now. Today we applied for an apartment in our dream neighborhood in what would almost  (this is New York City, you can’t have it all) be our dream apartment.

The funny thing about change is when you have love all around you it doesn’t quite seem like change. I digress, it does. But no matter what the circumstance may be, it always turns into a welcomed change.

Today was stressful, but more importantly, it was magnificent. And you know what, I wouldn’t want to go through any kind of change without these two by my side. They keep me laughing, they make my heart smile, and oh, when change hits, my heart loves to have that around more than ever.

We are all so excited and crossing our fingers that our application gets approved.

*photo above: me being weird after handing off all of our paperwork to the broker


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