Love, Love, Looovvee

Happy belated LOVE day my friends!
I hope you all had some good lovin’ from the ones you love.  Despite fighting a migraine all day I had
a spectacular one! It was full of surprises and I couldn’t of asked for me. 
I say it was full of surprises because Peter and I aren’t huge on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t expect much. I guess Peter wanted to change things up a bit this year and I am so happy he did. River woke us both up at her usual time and instead of us both getting up, Peter insisted that I sleep in. Something that has been quite rare these days with him leaving for set in the wee hours of the morning. When I finally emerged from the deepest sleep I’ve had in a long, long time I was greeted with breakfast in bed. Egg whites, heart shaped wheat toast and turkey bacon spelling out I and you (the heart shaped wheat toast was the love). I am a sucker for turkey bacon, but I fall for a man that sends little sweet notes super hard.  After being lazy for a while we had brunch at Egg-a favorite of mine. And really, our waitress was the nicest-ever! She was so sweet and brought over a sweet snack for River to hold her over as we waited patiently for our food. She even entertained her during a little fit she was having. Heaven!  After the most delicious brunch, River and I headed over to a tea party play date she had with four friends. We exchanged Valentine’s and had chocolate covered strawberries, homemade juice and snacks. It’s always good when you can have fun along with your child. Just good company all around. When we finally headed home around six, my love had a sweet bouquet of Roses sitting nicely in a vase on our dining room table. That man was just full of surprises! 
I think I am officially a fan of Valentine’s Day.

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