face-ing the facts

If there is one thing I live and will probably die by it is moisturizing my skin. Not a day, nor night goes by when this face of mine doesn’t get a good moisture down. It actually applies to my entire body. Sometimes Peter thinks I am a freak, because I go through moisturizers like I go through underwear. My obsession is that deep. I contribute the healthiness of my skin to moisturizing alone. Now two years postpartum I attribute my lack of stretch marks to coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil. I usually get a homemade batch dropped on my doorstep, but if you don’t have this luxury coconut oil is readily available at most local stores.

Often, I get asked why and how does my skin look so “bright and healthy.” Coconut oil does something for me that no other moisturizer does. It gives my skin the needed moisture it so desperately needs (especially in harsh winters) but does it all without making my skin look sweaty and oily- like most moisturizes do during the hotter months.

If you are looking for a great, healthy and natural way to moisturize your face and your body coconut oil is the way to go!

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