An ode to the camera

… and mostly unseen photos of River Mae. 

“Take a picture it will last longer!” Do you guys remember saying that or being on the receiving end of that comment? Honestly, I’ve said it way too many times then I’d like to admit. That’s what happens when it’s summer in New York City and the one time the wind does decide to blow, it blows your way… right past your itsy-bitsy-girly sun dress. Oh, life as a teenager. Anyway, now I’m like dugh! Yes, let’s take pictures. Lots and lots of them! My little girl isn’t getting any younger, and truthfully I shed a couple of tears going through photos of her. Back then I felt she wouldn’t grow up so fast. Now look, she’s two! Two! I miss that toothless smile of hers, and the little thing she used to do with her lips; spit bubbles and all. It was seriously the cutest!

I guess what I am really trying to say is grab your cameras and snap away! Yes, you might look slightly crazy pushing through a bunch of toddlers and jumping over a chair just to take a photo of your child eating a cupcake oh so sweetly. But it’s totally worth it. Instead of having disheveled memories, you have hard core evidence of that once upon a time.

Thank heavens for the camera and cute babies to take an insanely amount of photos of.

And this one too
Have a great weekend!

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