What Mama wears

So I stole this jumper back from shop. It’s so comfy! I was speaking with a friend today and we both agreed on how up until the holiday you shop, shop shop, and you are in this whirlwind of excitement and rush. Then all of the sudden, it stops. In one day your tree gets thrown out, your house is clean, and all you have are bits of evidence scattered around the house in the form of toys, clothing, and treats, lots of treats. Fattening and delicious treats. mmmmm 😉

Tonight I started to figure out ways that I could still feel that rush of the holidays, without the holidays being around. I think that natural feeling is so good.  So here I am, thinking about how freezing it is outside, and how I hope that cold brings snow. Happy snow, that brings out my Sorel’s and my heavy fur lined coat..all of those good things. And then, my mind does what it does pretty often…wonder. Wondering about how fashion is what makes me happy. I can and do feel that rush, that sense of excitement every time I decide to have fun and get dressed. I feel pretty lucky about that.

P.S I am taking the next few weeks to revamp the shop and possibly bring it over to Etsy (where it will get a bit more tracking..and is much cheaper). So please enjoy 25% off of everything in store for the next week with the code NEWYEAR. After that week the shop will be gone for a few weeks while it gets attended to by mama.

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