On Friday we had a small 2nd birthday party for River. We decided to invite only a small amount of family and close friends. And one of River’s newest friends. I spent about $30 in total! I know. My mom and sister made two separate dishes of food and I made the cupcakes. I filled the table up with sweet treats, juices boxes and some snacks. Simple and yummy. We went with a colorful theme. Not rainbow like, just a bright array of colors and patterns. I felt it described River perfectly. 
The party was only about two hours and was such a fun event. I am still in shock on how easy it was for me to plan. I made tissue paper pom poms that hung from the ceiling, and a two flag banner for a cupcake topper. I used some vintage fabric to create a back drop for a photo booth and we decorated it with balloons.  I also made the photo booth props. I had so much more fun planning this time around and that girl of mine partied hard. It was a great fun time, and I can’ help but want to jump up in the air and yell SCORE!
We love you River Mae!

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