Sling Diaries:Changing Seasons {Expression}

When I first had River I knew her every cry. I made it my goal to learn that aspect about my sweet bundle. Back then, that was her only way of expression.

Now, almost two years later, talking has been a large part of River’s expression. She chatters and chatters. Pretty often there are words, lots of words. Other times, there are just a few words with baby babble surrounding it. Just enough for only a mommy to understand. Like many parents I waited tirelessly for this stage we are currently in. And some moments I cross my fingers and toes for peace and quite. 😉

When she has grouchy days she doesn’t speak much. Her faces tell the story. Days like that I feel a bit guilty for wanting her to shh for just a moment. I miss the chatter. But, then again I get a kick out of those faces. Oh, those faces. She has a lot of them.

On a chilly New York winter day we took River and her faces to our local park. Peter and I decided not to mention the word park and totally surprised our funny girl.

We succeeded. And those faces. Her way of expression that afternoon gave us both a kick.

P.S We both got a kick out of my faces too. Mom life.

I am wearing a Sakura Bloom simple silk sling in Amber.
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