Oh, you wonder how life with a teenager is do ya?

Heck, life lately feels like we live with one grown teenager in the Staubs’ home. Not in the whole, I want to slam doors (well sometimes-playfully), and run off with my no good boyfriend kind of way. It’s much more comparable to when a preteen starts to learn that not speaking your mind is a total thing of the past.

With River Mae lately, she’s been having plenty of conversations with us. Which is totally awesome. Because truthfully I’d rather a conversation than a no-holds bar tantrum any day. These conversations are always stomach aching funny. The kind of laughter that has you gasping for air, or tilting over in your seat with your head between your legs.  I’ve tried to capture it on video lately, but like the two year old/teenager she is, she quickly turns off her conversationalist charm. Most days, she sits here explaining to me how play doh is stinky and it can be made into a heart – her favorite shape as of late. Other times, the conversations are about how Woody pushed poor Buzz off the window ledge in Toy Story 1. Not like we both haven’t seen the movie a million and one times. 😉

Alas, then there are the times when she beckons me to “come here!” And my personal favorite; “Gimmie minute!” (give me a minute)… with the one index in the air waving every time. My response is usually the same. “Okay, Mommy is coming” or “Okay, let me know when you are done”.

So today happened and like most days she shocked me. As she grabbed her bike helmet, then her daddy’s gloves and then rapped her scarf around her neck, she told me with a slight arm nudge and head tilt “see tomorrow”. No explanation point voice. Simply, with the slightest grin “see tomorrow.” I automatically responded “So you are leaving, I’ll see your tomorrow?” With a a quick yes, and push of her shopping cart she said it again. There went my laughter again. And there went my heart. These conversations are only a reminder of how big she’s getting- fast.

We feel pretty lucky to be able to count on her for a good stomach laugh each day. We love you our two year old/teenager.

P.S Oh, how I joke about the teenage years. And oh how I cringe when Peter wants to actually have a “serious” conversation about them. Let’s just pretend she a two year old acting as a teenager forever okay? okay.

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